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Practice Chart At Morgan Piano School each student earns a practice star on the practice chart for five days or more of piano practice per week. After earning ten stars the student wins a prize.

Music Teachers' National Association Music Achievement Award Program MTNA's Music Achievement Award Program helps to encourage students to continue their music studies and to strive to achieve goals that not only help them become better musicians, but that also will enhance their love and appreciation of music. The teacher sets goals that are both realistic and attainable for each individual student according to the student's needs, ability and motivational level. The student achieves the goals over a specified period of time (usually 12 weeks). Students completing this program are rewarded for their achievement with a special MTNA award. While the true reward is the student's musical achievements and enhanced love of music, a beautiful award is a fitting symbol of the accomplishment.

Piano All-Star Program Modeled on the Mozart's Gym Music School All-Star Program, students self-evaluate after every lesson answering questions about practicing at home and about the quality of their lesson. Students are rewarded for effort and good attitude. The program is designed to develop internal motivation to study piano.

Morgan Piano School always strives to motivate students individually based on their life interests, personalities and learning styles.