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Recitals The North Shore Piano Teachers Guild holds three recitals each school year for students from kindergarten through high school, usually in November, March or April and May. These are formal recitals and students memorize one performance piece.

Piano Parties Adult students meet for potluck supper/recitals in fall and spring. There are fun piano parties for children including a recital, music games, prizes and food in December and May.

Super Groups Approximately four times per year, students meet in groups to perform informally for one another and to participate in music classes on various topics.

Musical Achievement Evaluation The Massachusetts Music Teachers Association (MMTA) holds noncompetitive evaluations usually on a Saturday in March. Each student plays two pieces for an adjudicator and receives grades on different aspects of musicianship.

Party/ Recital at your home Have a party/recital at your home and invite guests of your choice.

Record your own Album Record your own album during one of your piano lessons at Morgan Piano School in the spring. Record an audition recording for school applications.

Performance Lesson Invite a small number of guests to your lesson at Morgan Piano School on a particular day for a performance lesson.

National Guild of Piano Teachers National Guild auditions Play memorized pieces for an adjudicator and receive a detailed evaluation. The audition may be scheduled during school hours in May. There is no audience.

The Royal Conservatory The Royal Conservatory certificate program. Test is given in the Boston area. For more information visit Comprehensive piano and theory assessment examinations at all grade levels recognized around the globe.